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LaSalle Solutions Drives Services Revenue with Cisco RCC for Partners


LaSalle Solutions is always looking for opportunities to provide customers with better information so they can plan better and achieve more.


With Cisco, LaSalle can now help customers better understand their Maintenance Risk through LAMP and the Cisco Renewal Competency Center (RCC). RCC data lets them see service coverage gaps and benchmark operational risk against industry peers 

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LaSalle Spotlight: Why Partner with LaSalle?


Research from InfoQuest tells that a totally-satisfied customer contributed 2.6 times the annual revenue of a somewhat-satisfied customer.


The LaSalle Team is committed to earning total customer satisfaction. We do this through our efforts to know our customers’ needs, ensuring we have the skills to meet them. Our customers’ satisfaction provides for develop of new revenue opportunities for both LaSalle and Cisco.

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Growing a Services Business


Learn how the Cisco Services Accelerate Program helps LaSalle Solutions improve its solution selling skills, increase customer satisfaction and grow its services business.


Find the Case study on the Cisco Service Accelerate landing page (in Cisco Partner Central)

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LaSalle Spotlight: Proactive Product Information Leads to Intelligent Product Decisions


Starting May 1st 2012, Cisco announced a new program to extend support for the Cisco Catalyst® 6500 non-E Chassis with a significant price increase. At LaSalle Solutions, we view this as an opportunity to drive a sizeable Return on Investment (ROI), modernize and transform networks with the 6509-E Chassis, or other transformational products such as the Nexus Product Family for the client.


Your Opportunity: To drive intelligent modernization and network transformation decisions, LaSalle Solutions’ LAMP 4.0 Decision Engine informs clients of critical network product inflection points relating to their Cisco assets. Clients are proactively notified of this significant pricing change and work closely with their LaSalle Operations Team to capture these savings and drive critical ROI for the organization. 

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LaSalle Spotlight: The SMARTnet Advantage


Cisco is changing the services landscape from a closed and reactive to an open, proactive, and innovative services platform with SSAPI which provides Cisco with a clear competitive advantage when bundling an end-to-end product and services offering versus its core competitors in the marketplace.


LaSalle Solutions is one of only a few partners who have integrated with Cisco’s SSAPI and have found this offering is changing the conversation from speeds and feeds to operations and support. If a customer spends millions of dollars on network equipments but loses close to the amount spent due to outages or poor support by the network vendor, the customer has simply purchased fancy boxes with a lot of fans.

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Delivering Complete Care = Cisco Smart Net Total Care Service + LAMP


"Eliminate entitlement issues and contract renewal hassles, dramatically improve the RMA process, manage credits, and simplify contracts. LAMP with Cisco Smart Net Total Care Service will change how organizations manage their complete asset life-cycle: acquisition, upgrades, moves and disposition."

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LaSalle Spotlight: Time and Your Investment


Risk,downtime and the time value of money should all be considered when developing and evaluating systems to manage your assets and contract information, .


LaSalle works with our customers to understand their value and develop solutionsand tools to ensure these processes bring the best value through risk mitigation, availability, flexibility and interoperability. The goal is to make business processes and operation easier for our customers to ensure they receive high returns for their investment."

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LaSalle Helps Customer Streamline Asset Management, Reducing Contracts by 33%


"...With the time we save by streamlining asset management, I can now put more effort into planning and enhancing the network for our end users. Ultimately, that translates into greater productivity and operational efficiency for our company...." 

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