LAMP is a fantastic product that helps organize and track your network assets, service contracts and end of life/end of sale information.

Senior Network Engineer, Global provider of professional precision instruments and services

I just wanted to thank you for being so wonderful to work with. It truly gives me peace of mind knowing you are always there for me and the Company. You are always supportive and ALWAYS provide excellent customer service.

Sr. Technician, Major Retailer

Nice job. That's the unique quality of service that LaSalle offers and exemplifies the true meaning of VAR with regard to support services.

IT Manager, Major Healthcare Provider

Wow! And I just sent you a voice mail thinking you may not have seen this one yet! Thank you! The next thing I know is you will be sending back the quotes five minutes before I send them to you.

Logistics Coordination Engineer, Major Consumer Products Company

Now that's what I call Value Add.

Network Engineer, Major Consumer Products Company

Outstanding as usual!

Network Engineer, Financial Services Company

From our end everything ran smoothly and seamlessly, which is a typical reflection of your work and attention to detail.

Operations Manager, Technology Services Company

It has been an absolute pleasure working with are by far the most knowledgeable and skilled reseller I have worked with.

Vendor Partner Administrator, Technology Distributor

Thanks. What would we do without you?

Engineer Server Team, Major Financial Services Company

Your quick service really Rocks!

IT/Telecom Support, Major Boating Equipment Manufacturer

Thank you for all your support. You have been a huge help to me as I have come up to speed on network maintenance.

Asset Management Support, Major Consumer Products Company

LAMP is what initially sold me on LaSalle and won me away from the incumbent partner I worked with. This is a great example of how a partner can provide value and differentiate themselves.

LAMP User,

I recommend LaSalle and LAMP to each and every peer

LAMP User,

I find the ease of use very good. Doesn't take long to either find or update info.

LAMP User,

Can’t say enough about the quality of LaSalle’s support

Network Engineer, Major Auto Manufacturer

LAMP is a very important component of the value LaSalle brings over other options

LAMP User,

Great tool, always easy to use.

LAMP User,

Great tool, and besides the tool itself, great people behind the scenes. LaSalle is top notch, hands down the best vendor I have worked with.

LAMP User,

Great way to keep inventory and maintenance in synch

LAMP User,

It has been enlightening working with you and the team from LaSalle Solutions and learning about the possibilities that lie ahead. Everyone has shown such a great interest in learning about how we work as an institution and how LaSalle can help with the challenges that we face. The team's commitment to excellent customer service, extensive knowledge of your services and the ability to think out of the box paints a portrait of success.

Director of Software Development, Large University - Higher Ed