LaSalle's equipment and inventory audit services provide your organization with the building blocks for establishing a solid technology foundation.

We examine your critical assets against your business initiatives. This helps us provide you with an overall snapshot to ensure your current technology infrastructure is generating top functionality, while providing data necessary to prepare for future capital equipment expenditures.

Our proven process includes:

  • Auditing the Information. We conduct a physical or paper audit of your known IT assets against the manufacturer's database of information, helping you identify the overall network inventory and areas that need to be addressed.
  • Evaluating Service Levels. An evaluation and report is provided to you with ¬†coverage gaps and excesses. Our findings include industry standards and expert recommendations that may assist in evaluating your service levels.
  • Implementation Management Program. Our web-based platform, LAMP, enables you to manage your devices whether covered under maintenance or not. LAMP becomes a single location to monitor and manage all of your devices and contracts - eliminating the need for separate manufacturer tracking.¬†

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