Disposing of your computers isn't what it used to be. In addition to determining the residual value, there are compliance questions to be answered, whether EPA regulations, HIPAA, GLB requirements, or many individual state regulations to name a few.

Have you asked any of the following questions?

  • How is your data being protected?
  • What happens to computers that are no longer usable?
  • Are you protected if you get audited by the EPA? ¬†Or the FTC?

LaSalle will offer you reduced risk, security, easy tracking and the best economic and overall solution to meet your asset disposal challenges

You choose any or all of our solutions:

  • A complete data security plan, including how to transfer the equipment, hard drive sanitization and provision of certificates of destruction.
  • Destruction of hard drives and recycling of equipment down to metals, petroleum and other reusable byproducts, protecting you from future liability.
  • Up-to-date returned asset information online.
  • Any excess proceeds are returned to you at the end of the remarketing process.

Whether you lease from us, or are just looking for an established secure company to take care of your disposition needs, LaSalle can help you assess optimal investment recovery or disposal of your assets and create a customized asset disposal program that meets all regulatory standards.

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