Your company needs to upgrade its IT platform regularly to be competitive, but you have equipment on hand that has to be disposed of properly, economically and, if at all possible, profitably.

If there is value left in your retired computer inventory, excess proceeds are returned to you. You can count on LaSalle remarketing services to help you maximize your economic return and minimize the use of your time and resources.

  • Computer Recycling and Deployment. Your technology hardware may no longer have use in your company; however, it still may have market value. ¬†LaSalle can help assess which computers need to be upgraded, repaired or recycled. LaSalle's technical staff is cross-trained to provide maximum investment recovery.
  • Re-Marketing Services. If there is any remaining value in your retired computer equipment, LaSalle can handle all the logistics to ensure that the retrieval process minimizes your costs and maximizes your return. You'll find LaSalle's unique "partnership strategy" the perfect solution for generating maximum revenue from your obsolete equipment.
  • Computer Disposal. LaSalle's staff is educated on the latest EPA mandates on proper computer equipment disposal. When you contract with LaSalle, you can be confident that all regulations are being met. Detailed asset reporting as well as certificates of destruction are provided for recycled equipment.
  • Wiping Hard Drives. During any process you can choose to have your hard drives wiped to comply with company, regulatory and environmental requirements. ¬†LaSalle offers options for wiping hard drives based on your individual needs. ¬†Options can be determined based on the assets remarketability.

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